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The great thing about a driving range is the fact you can train & improve within 1/5th the time it takes to play a full 18 holes of golf. In golf, there is two different arenas;
The driving range for practice & swing changes.
The golf course for playing & fun.
It is very difficult to improve your golfing ability whilst on the course, as you only have one chance to hit the ball & you have to take that result.

If you hit a poor shot at the range, you simply get another ball & attempt to improve upon your previous shot.

Coaching Clinics

Junior Holiday Golf Clinics
Beginner Golf Clinics
Ladies Golf Clinics

Private Golf Lessons

All lessons include video/computer analysis and golf balls.
30 mins
60 mins
5 x 30 mins
5 x 60 mins
Golf coaching

About Chris

Chris is in his 30th year as a golf professional and was voted trainee Golf Professional of the year in New Zealand before embarking on a playing career, teaching & running golf courses & pro shops.

Chris has been involved with driving ranges & coaching for the past 10 years. He has taught golf in New Zealand, Australia, America, Europe & Asia.

"Golf has been a fantastic vehicle to see all around the world & participate in the sport I love"

"One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt in coaching people where English is not their first language, is the ability to communicate with simple words, avoiding the many confusing golf terminologies, & the use of video/computer technology. We learn faster visually than audibly, which is why every golfer should see their swing on video. At the very least, if you don’t know what your swing looks like, how can you apply new swing changes? "

About Dean

Dean Dagan has over 7 years of coaching after a successful amateur career at Redcliffe Golf Club, He commenced his traineeship at Maroochy River Golf Club then headed overseas to Vietnam. Dean believes in matching up your specifications to suit your golf swing, everyone is shaped differently therefore every swing is different finding what works for you is the key.
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Golf Swing Evaluation

We invite you to try our thorough and complementary game evaluation with our PGA qualified coach. From this we show you what is needed to improve your game in a lesson plan. The lessons are completely personalised to your standards and are suitable for beginners to professionals.

Our focus is on you the client and helping you reach your maximum potential. Our innovative approach is focused on your individual needs and is tailored to the requirements and ambitions of the client.

Our coach is fully accredited with the Australian PGA.


Build a powerful & repeatable swing.
Instant understanding & instant results, guaranteed!

An incorrect swing plane is responsible for most golfers mistakes. PlaneSWING will get you back on track, training the CORRECT swing plane!

Seven common problems solved with planeSWING
When you rent a bucket of balls, you can have a 1/2 hour training session on the planeSWING for an additional $ 7.00. If you have a current golf coaching package, the planeSWING usage is FREE!!!!!
Great golf swing

Junior Programs

Saturday Junior Programs

This program is designed for the child who has played or practiced golf and is looking to take the game more seriously before they head out on to a course.
7:45 – 8:45 advanced class - $15 each week
This program is designed for the fresh young faced junior looking to embark on their golfing journey and is designed with a lot of fun interacting games to make the session as fun and engaging as possible. 
9am – 10am beginner class - $15 each week
Individual Junior (15yo & under) lessons are available, at a discounted rate.
A 30 minute video/computer analysis, including golf balls, at a cost of $30.00 per session (normally $45.00).

Ladies Clinics

Our Ladies clinics are weekly to register your interest please fill out the form below and Dean will keep you up to date without latest clinics.
$20 each session - Club hire is provided.
Ladies golf lessons
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